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Corona Virus (Covid-19)

April 17, 2020


Dear Students and Parents,


The Governor announced Thursday, April 9  schools would remain closed through the remainder of their academic calendar.  The Governor’s office and the Department of Elementary and Secondary School required the school to continue to provide learning opportunities through the individual districts academic calendar, for Gasconade County R-2 that is through Wednesday, May 20.  There are many questions on how will this look, how will grades be figured, and what will the end of school look like.  Unfortunately, we do not have answers to all these questions, but we have the same concerns.  The main point is the district will continue to provide learning opportunities, as directed, for students.


The district has adopted a “hold harmless” approach to grading.  Elementary schools do not have traditional letter grades, as they have transitioned to standards based grading.  So, students will continue to receive work through paper packets, our website, or email.  The Elementary school will continue to communicate with parents and students about drop off and pick-up procedures.  Middle School and High School will continue to provide learning opportunities for students and work completed will still receive grades with the stipulation that they can improve, not harm, their academic standing in courses.  Dual Credit courses will follow the guidelines established by the university for college-level credit and grading.  Student grading practices for these courses will be determined by the university.  Hold-harmless will not apply for dual credit courses.   It is important students continue to work on the assignments.  We do not know the full consequence of what next year will look like academically.  But, we are confident if students do not work on the assigned work, they will struggle next year.  Parents concerned with academic regression due to the COVID-19 closure is recommended to enroll their student in the summer school program.  Summer School information will be sent out once details and dates are established.          


There are many activities like summer school, graduation, prom, check-in/out, uniform turn-in, academic awards, enrollment for next year, etc. have not been decided on how to proceed.  But, all these activities are currently being discussed and when a clear picture of how these events will proceed; these will be communicated as quickly as possible.  Questions may be directed to your child’s teacher, principal, counselor, or the administrative office.  Thank you for your continued efforts to support your children’s education.


Gasconade County R-II


March 27, 2020

As area superintendents continue to navigate this historic COVID-19 health challenge, nothing is more important than protecting the health of students, employees, and the communities they serve.  After consulting with state and local officials along with area school districts the Gasconade County R-II School District will be extending the current school closure through April 24, 2020. Students and families will receive more detailed information from their respective teachers and principals regarding continued learning opportunities.

I know this extended closure will generate many questions, especially for families with students who are seniors.  On March 19, Commissioner of Education Dr. Margie Vandeven shared, “There will be details that need to be worked out for graduating A+ seniors who may still need to take an assessment.  We will share information and updates as soon as they come available.” The Commissioner also shared that the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is currently analyzing what additional exceptions to graduation requirements should be approved for graduating seniors, with anticipation of releasing any changes within the next couple of weeks.  School leaders ask for your patience as they work through many of the details.

The Gasconade County R-II School District continues to be dedicated to the free breakfast and lunch program for all students.  These meals will continue to be distributed from Owensville High School and Gerald Elementary School. You may pick up the weekly meals on Monday from 11:00 a.m. to noon.  If you have not signed up, we ask you do so at  You may also find this information on the district website under the “district” tab.

Again, the Gasconade County R-II School District will be extending the current school closure through April 24, 2020.  


Chuck Garner, Ed.D.