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App/Web Tool Approval

What's the Deal With Data Piracy? Or is it Privacy...

Online Privacy is more important than ever! It is essential we keep our students safe.

As educators, we are bound by two laws, Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA). These laws apply to online sites, apps, and extensions used in the classroom. Example: Discovery Education Plus (site), WeVideo (app), Google Hangout (extension)... Here's a brief video from iKeepSafe that explains, in layman's terms, why online privacy is so critical.


Use the form linked below to fill out any sites, apps or extensions you use with your students, and we will review them for COPPA and FERPA compliance for you. These are only for sites, apps and extensions that require a student to login, or ones where student data must be uploaded. Please do not list normal websites like or

Before submitting an app or tool for approval, please check to make sure that the app hasn't already been approved or denied.

 Please note: Apps, extensions, or tools, that are designed to violate copyright laws cannot be approved or used. This includes various video, audio, and image downloaders.  Absolutely no recording devices like Google Home or Alexa. 

LIST OF DENIED APPS - This List is actually the master list of applications that contains all apps submitted by staff members. It is not as clean as the list above, but if you want to know specifics on your app's review, please search this list. Also, please check this list to see if your app is already on it BEFORE submitting an App Approval Form. 


Approved Apps List (Borrowed from Washington School District)