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Alternative Methods of Instruction

Alternative Methods of Instruction

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Dear Parents,

The Gasconade County R-2 School District has worked through a collaborative process to implement an Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI) plan to be utilized on days school is closed currently due to the coronavirus, but in the future, it could be used for inclement weather, flooding, exceptional emergency circumstances, or other natural disasters.

The goal of the AMI plan is to embed learning activities focused on reinforcement of critical learning standards, enrichment activities, or support for further skill development. Consistent practice and exposure to skills without interruption is the most effective way to ensure student understanding and mastery of content knowledge is achieved.  

We will notify all guardians, as we have in the past, via school outreach calls and social media postings, in the event of school closures and use of AMI days.

Learning Activities Due Date

Students will complete learning activities at home during the missed day(s). Learning activities will be returned digitally or packets will be returned to school throughout the school closure. Student attendance for AMI days will be based upon work submitted when school is back in session.  

Lesson Activities and Expectations

Student access to the internet has been taken into consideration. Access to learning activities will be in multiple formats, online and hard copy, to meet the needs of all students.  Learning activities will reinforce learning already presented during daily classroom instruction.  Instruction for online activities will also be included for students who have access to the internet and devices.  

Grades K-5: Students in grades K-5 can access learning activities through the district’s Student Learning Activities link. Select your student’s grade to view directions, teacher contact information, and activities.  In the event the learning activities cannot be accessed through technology, a paper packet will be provided to students upon request from the guardian. 

Student learning activities do NOT have to be printed.  Students can complete the required assignments on the printed documents or on notebook paper.

Grades 6-12 Students in grades 6-12 can access learning activities through the teacher’s usual delivery method. A list of each teacher’s delivery method is available through the district’s Student Learning Activities link. 

Student learning activities do NOT have to be printed.  Students can complete the required assignments on paper.

Students unable to access the internet will be provided a hard copy of learning activities upon request from a student or guardians.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher.