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Bond Issue

Gasconade County R-2 is proposing a no-tax-rate increase bond issue in the amount

of 15 million dollars to support capital projects and improvements across the district.

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    Performing Arts Center (PAC)/Storm Shelter

    • Construction of a new performing arts center and additional classrooms to connect the main campus to the agricultural/tech building.

    • PAC will be built as ICC-500 storm safe building

    • Additional classrooms will house band, choir, drama, and career tech sciences

    • PAC will potentially have 600-650 seats and be available for district and community use

    Career Technical Expansion

    • Construction of additional classrooms and equipment; connect agricultural science building to main high school campus

    • Career tech sciences will move from math wing to current weight room, new and improved weight room will move to current band room to be closer to gym and locker rooms.

    • Equipment and materials to increase student opportunities in building trades, metals, and career sciences

    Safety Upgrades

    • SRO office and safety command center, replace security cameras and interior locks, improve school entrances

    OES and GES Preschool Expansion

    • Equipment and supplies to increase preschool capacity, indoor and outdoor playground learning structures

    GES Accessibility Upgrades

    • Add handicap accessibility at main entry

    • Improvements to front hallway (oldest part of the building) and main office

    • Handicap accessible/teacher restroom improvements

    • Gym improvements including new seating

    • Playground improvements

    OMS Gym Renovation

    • New floor, new bleachers in order to host events

    • Move HVAC to the outside of the building

    OHS Gym Renovation

    • Renovate OHS gymnasium and replace bleachers

    Dutchmen Field Upgrades

    • Make upgrades to Dutchmen Field outdoor facilities


    What is a bond issue?

    A bond issue is a traditional way for schools to borrow money to pay for capital projects that are too costly for a typical budget.  In Missouri, voters must approve a district bond even if it will not raise taxes.


    How does a bond issue work?

    When voters approve a bond issue, the school district sells bonds to a purchaser who offers the lowest interest rate.  Similar to a home loan, the funds are used to pay for bond projects and the debt is paid back over time.


    How can there be a no-tax increase when a bond issue passes?

    Each year the district pays off old debt from past bonds.  As the loan decreases, the district can borrow more.  To generate additional revenue, the tax rate is extended, but not increased.


    Will a “no” vote on a no tax increase issue lower taxes?

    NO, the current tax rate will not be lowered if the bond issue fails.


    Can the money generated by passing a no tax increase bond issue be used for things other than capital expenses?

    NO, it cannot be used for salaries, supplies, utilities, etc.


    What does GCR2 have on the April ballot?

    It is a NO TAX RATE INCREASE bond issue on the April 4 ballot that will be labeled as “Question.”


    Will the district's no-tax rate increase bond issue change the tax rate?

    NO, whether it passes or fails the tax rate will remain the same.  If it passes, the tax will be extended from its current end date.


    What are the reasons for putting 

    this issue on the ballot? 

    Without bond money, facility improvements and upgrades would need to be made out of the normal operating budget, which means cuts would have to be made to other programs, projects, and salaries.


    If the bond passes, how will the money be distributed?

    The long-range planning committee has presented a list of needed projects to the board of education, who has prioritized those projects.  The administration and board of education will work with an architect and construction manager to determine the best way to accomplish as many projects on the list as possible.


    What projects are being prioritized on this bond issue? 


    • District Performing Arts Center

    • Career Technical Expansion

    • Safety Upgrades

    • Preschool Expansion

    • GES Improvements and Accessibility

    • OMS Gym Renovation

    • OHS Gym Renovation

    • Dutchmen Field Upgrade

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